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ABSA Vacancies – South Africa

ABSA Vacancies – South Africa

ABSA is one of the most popular banks in South Africa. The bank started operations in 1991 and later on changed names to Barclays Africa Group Ltd.Just like most banks in South Africa, it offers banking and financial products to clients around the country. Since the bank is owned by Barclays Bank UK which has a major share among the top 10 shareholders that include Sanlam, it has operations in most African countries which are members of the British Commonwealth.

ABSA is well known for its generosity and charitable activities which include financial support for social development projects run by CSI. The company has a hand in promoting education and improving the quality of lives in poor communities through several programs which seek to help formerly disadvantaged societies, disabled persons, vulnerable groups and small businessmen in need of startup capital. The company funds public awareness campaigns related to AIDs, Health and Environmental issues.

It is no surprise that the bank has won several prestigious awards for its efforts in serving the community as well as providing excellent financial services which are admired by customers.ABSA is one of the most customer-friendly and approachable banks as evidenced by its high customer satisfaction index. If you are looking to launch your career or get employment with this popular financial institution, then you should browse the vacancies page on >>



More than 34,000 people are employed by the Barclays Africa Group which owns ABSA and the annual estimated revenue generated by this company is around 4.7 Billion USD.

Young professionals who are looking for a challenge can find employment in the following areas:

  • Banking
  • Agricultural Finance
  • Corporate Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Stock Broker Service
  • Credit and Loans
  • Insurance
  • Administration
  • Human Resources

Some notable graduate trainee opportunities offered by ABSA include the Rising Eagles Program and Bankseta Learnerships


General Tips for Job Seekers:

The key to a good CV is simplicity. This does not mean that you should exclude details which are relevant to the job description that you are applying for. Simplicity means that your CV is able to convey the characteristics that are being sought by the Employer in as short time as possible. If your resume can convince the employer while he or she is paying partial attention e.g. drinking a cup of coffee, then you have achieved your purpose very well. However, if it takes hours to go through your CV , if it’s difficult to identify the connection between the job requirements and your CV, the employer may put your application aside and go on to the next candidate.

A majority of people don’t have the time to edit their CV to reflect current job requirements and they don’t take the time to identify a few major attributes that are being emphasized in the job advert. Job descriptions are never the same. You should look at roles that are preferred – it might be experience, knowledge in specific programs, size and scope of projects or personal qualities. You might be a salesman but how many products did you sell in your history and what was the value of those sales. What was your sales velocity and how many repeat customers did you have. These are all things to think about. The name of your company or who you worked for might not matter. You might have worked for a brand name like Apple Inc but it’s your sales volume, quality of leads and output that matters.

Another piece of key advice is not to dwell too much on things that you did in High School or College. These should not take too much space. The name of your school or college as well as the dates attended is enough. You should put more effort in streamlining your CV – highlighting skills, workplace achievements and qualities which are being sought after by the employer.