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Cell C Vacancies – South Africa

Cell C Vacancies – South Africa

Cell C is a very competitive mobile network that provides coverage in most parts of South Africa. The telecom company is well-known for its competitive prices and mobile data, voice and sms packages which are much cheaper than all major networks in South Africa. As a result, the company has penetrated the South African market and gained a lot of subscribers in the process.

The headquarters of Cell C are situated in Randburg, SA.Oger Telecom is the major shareholding partner in the company’s dividend structure. A point of note is that the company has made significant strides in employing formerly disadvantaged people whose quota is exceedingly higher at top management level as well as down the ladder. A lot of young adults are employed with Cell-C because the company has one of the best policies in the country when it comes to developing and training young talent. If you are looking for a company that can develop your skills, then Cell-C is the right place to work if you are a college graduate. The following are areas where you might get opportunities:

  • Corporate Management
  • Administration
  • Call Center
  • Technical Support
  • Advertising and Sales
  • Software and Hardware Engineering
  • Network Engineering
  • Programming
  • Information Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Credit and Risk Operations
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Internal Audit
  • Property and Procurement
  • Vendor Outsourcing
  • Wholesale Business

If you think you have what it takes to be a part of Cel-C’s team, then you should take a look at their latest career offerings:

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General Tips for Job Seekers

One of the most important things in going forward with your quest to get the desired job is making an online application. Take your time to prepare your CV or any details that might be required to fill in the application form. Let’s look at things that you need in order to submit an online application:

Computer – You will need a computer to make an online application. You probably found this post via the internet so the assumption is that you have access to a computer or at least a mobile phone or tablet with mobile browser. If you are on a mobile phone, it is not feasible to fill an online form because of the functional limitations of a mobile browser. Most job online forms can only be filled when you are using a desktop browser on your PC or laptop, so try to find a computer. You can go to an internet café in your location or ask a friend to use their computer for a few minutes. Low-end tablets may allow you to have a better view than a Smartphone but still you might encounter problems when you are trying to fill an online job form.

Prepare Your Details – Most of the times, an online form will require you to fill sections that will constitute your CV which will be seen by a recruiter. This will demand more of your time on the internet so get an electronic copy of your CV with you on a memory stick, so that you can simply copy and paste the details into the form instead of typing from scratch. Be sure to read what the question  requires before you paste some data and make changes accordingly to make it human readable and comprehensible to the recruiter. So when you are in front of the computer, open your electronic CV and online form side by side to work faster.

If you don’t have a memory stick, you should get a paper copy of your CV.However, you will be required to type in your details on the form and this is probably a good thing that allows you to get absorbed in your work.

Do not rush to fill in a form if you don’t have the details with you. An application with incomplete details or hastily filled information may not be considered, since it shows that you did not take time to read the requirements.

Before you click the Submit button, read the form to check for spelling errors. Make sure that your answers are to the point and give enough details where it’s required.