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FNB Vacancies – South Africa

FNB Vacancies – South Africa

FNB is a bank that is 100% South African owned and extremely popular with the lower to medium income banking population. First National Bank was established in 1838 and thus it claims top spot as one of the banks with a long history and existence. The bank has changed hands several times, being bought under difficult times and undergoing mergers in order to survive. First Rand Group is the parent company that owns the bank and up to date, FNB has opened branches in several African countries which include Ghana and Tanzania. The bank plans to add more branches in more African countries such as Nigeria when the opportunity arises.

When you meet an ordinary South African who owns a savings bank account, the chances are very high that they own a FNB account. It is rightly the people’s bank and it’s common to find long queues to the Teller desk, a sign of a huge customer base. According to the bank’s financial statements, the company generates a net income of nearly 8.0 Million Rands per annum.

FNB is a popular brand name in Southern Africa. As a result, the financial institution is one of the companies that one would like to work for. Diverse professional fields in finance and other disciplines are found at the company. You can get employment and career development in the following departments:


  1. Actuarial Service
  2. Investments
  3. Legal Risk and Compliance
  4. Marketing, Communications and Strategy
  5. Operations and Administration
  6. Quantitative Analysis
  7. Economics and Research
  8. Sales
  9. Support Services
  10. Traders
  11. Transactors
  12. Auditing
  13. Client Services
  14. Collections
  15. Credit
  16. Facilities and Hospitality
  17. Finance
  18. Health
  19. Human Capital
  20. Information Technology


You have a choice of securing employment in any of the Group’s subsidiaries and divisions which include WesBank, RMB, FCC and First Rand Ltd.

Opportunities for Graduates:

FNB has four types of programs to support career development and training of young graduates:

Graduate Programme – This is targeted towards young graduates from higher tertiary institutions who intend to pursue a career in a chosen field offered by FNB. Inexperienced graduates are given an opportunity to launch their careers.

Internship – This programme equips students with hands-on workplace experience that is required to give young people a foothold into the industry. A year or two of working with FNB will be enough to put something on your CV when you finish college and start looking for work. Who knows, you might even get a job offer with FNB since you are familiar with the company culture and environment.

Bursaries – This programme is designed to give financial support to promising students who are historically disadvantaged as well as those from poor backgrounds who desire to pursue studies but lacking the funds to pay tuition fees.

CA Programme – If you intend to be a chartered accountant, then this programme will help you chart your way to the peak of your professional ambitions.

Current Vacancies:

To see the latest vacancies and all opportunities offered by the bank, FNB has a dedicated career site at >>

General Tips for Job Seekers

One way of finding a job in difficult times is networking. Thanks to the internet, networking has become much easier. Online networking is a new method of getting in contact with colleagues, like-minded people, activity partners, businessmen, hobbyists and friends via internet platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin and forums. Traditional networking involves meeting at events, social gatherings, business functions, seminars, conferences and workshops. There is no doubt that this type of networking can help you connect with people who can give you ideas and tips with regards to things such as vacant job positions and other opportunities. The more you connect with different kinds of people at a professional level, the more you will get exposed to new opportunities which you would otherwise never heard if you were isolating yourself.

You do not need to be friends with everybody in order to get opportunities, just attending an event to chat with other like-minded people and mingling around for half-an-hour is enough. At an event, people are usually relaxed and they are out there to meet new people and exchange ideas, it’s easy to initiate small talk which can lead to discussions about your career and job.