Nov 28

How to Apply For Amazon Jobs

How To Find a Job at Amazon Inc

If you have no idea how important Cape Town is to online brands such as Amazon Inc, then you have been losing a lot of opportunities waiting for that elusive job from the City of Cape Town. You should be thankful that you live in Cape Town. Cape Town is the Silicon Valley of Africa, a home to some of the most popular online start-ups in South Africa, the birthplace of some of the top and trusted internet brands such as PayPal, it is the gateway to the African market for investors seeking new markets. New and established startups that are pondering to venture into Africa, always start with Cape Town.

Amazon has a development centre in South Africa that is strategically located in the beautiful city of Cape Town near the Table Mountain. To spearhead its expansion in South Africa and the African continent, is hiring a diverse range of professional staff, ranging from Software Development Engineers, Human Resources Management to Sales Staff, Technical Customer Support Staff and Language Experts.

How to Apply

To apply for Amazon South Africa jobs, you must first select the job that you want, read the job details and click the Apply link. If you are a first time user, you will be required to create an Amazon Career Profile, otherwise you must simply log in to submit your application if you already have a profile. Amazon only accepts online applications, you have to submit your CV online by completing a 3-step application process.

Amazon jobs are for professional staff, if you already have a LinkedIn profile, Facebook account or Google account, you can use these to quickly create your Amazon Career Profile or else you must use the online form.

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