How to Find a Job

5 Secrets of Finding a Job You Want

Population of Cape Town – 3.71 million

Not all of us can work at the City of Cape Town, that’s why we give you opportunities from Employers in the Western Cape region. If your goal is to work at the City of Cape Town, then be prepared to wait for a long, long time……There are 2 options for you, you can either:

1 –Apply for Jobs

2 – Stay at Home and Complain

Remember, no Employer will come knocking at your door. You have to browse this website on a daily basis, search the appropriate category, go through the jobs and apply for a job. Depending on the job post, the employer may ask you to send a CV to an email address, make a phone call or fax your CV.

The First Step in Getting a Job is Listening

The first step in getting a job is following instructions, if you can’t follow simple instructions or simple things such as emailing your CV, faxing your CV, making a phone call or clicking a link to view job details, then you may as well stop looking for a job.

Looking for a Job is a Job

Some people will never skip their favorite TV program, they will never take a break from watching 7Delaan, Generations, Isidingo or Rhythm City but when it comes to job hunting, they can’t even dedicate 15 minutes. People who religiously search this job website are 5 times more likely to find a job than people who wait for a Facebook Page post. They are the quiet ones who visit this website, keep calm and take action. If you spend time looking for a job, you will get a job. If you spend time complaining, cursing at the City Authorities and waiting for roast duck to fly in your mouth, you will get FruSTRaTioN.

The World Owes You Nothing

If you are the type of person who thinks the world owes you something, then sorry, with this kind of attitude, you will only fall deeper into misery and helplessness. It will be hard for you to get a job you deserve because you are always complaining and doing nothing to improve yourself.

Be Professional and Have Etiquette

Sometimes people lose job opportunities because they have no manners. Etiquette and professionalism is important if you want a prospective employer to take you seriously. Manners are not only important for getting you a job but they can get you very far in all aspects of life. One millionaire decided to leave his fortune to his ordinary servant because he was more trustworthy and loyal than members of his family. This is a true story. It’s time for you to stop your rude and unprofessional ways because they will land you in the gutter.

From Servant to Millionaire

He is a Millionaire Because of Manners

SOURCE: From Servant to Millionaire

Get an Education

Cape Town has hundreds of Employers ranging from start-ups, SMEs to upmarket organizations and companies looking for qualified, experienced and inexperienced personnel. There are many companies looking for people with specific qualifications e.g. QuickBooks, AutoCAD, WinQS, Hotel and Catering Diplomas/Degrees, etc. If you skipped your education, then it’s time to go back to the drawing board Mr. Wise Guy or else skip school and make sure you make it like Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates.

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