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MTN Vacancies – South Africa

MTN Vacancies – South Africa

MTN is one of the giants in the mobile network business in South Africa. It is an international mobile network provider with operations in many African countries that include Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon. If you watch sports on DSTV, you will realize that MTN is a major brand that is associated with many sponsorships for tournaments such as CAF and UEFA.

The company specializes in providing data, SMS and calling services for mobile devices. In South Africa, the company has over 24 million subscribers and MTN mobile shops are scattered all over the country, from furnished shops in the CBD to vendor shops in locations. In the 2015 financial year, the mobile operator made a net income of 3.35 Billion USD. Over 17,000 people are employed by the company and it is listed on the Joburg stock exchange. The international headquarters of the firm are situated in Johannesburg, SA.

If you wish to work for this Telecommunications giant, then you might get vacancies in various departments such as:

  •  Human Resources
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Business Management
  • Computers / IT
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Management

The company uses the Oracle irecruitment system to manage its human resources needs. This system is used to hire employees online. You should visit the company’s website to see the latest vacancies >>



General Tips for Job Seekers:

When you submit an application online, you will realize a specific trend. A lot of modern and forward thinking companies are making it easier for people to apply for jobs using quick and efficient methods. The traditional method of sending an application via the post is outdated because it requires a lot of work and time to sort out the applications that arrive at the desk. Posting an application via a Courier is still being accepted by a few companies but it’s a slow procedure for both the employer and job seeker. It takes a lot of time and money, going to the shops to buy envelopes and stamps, buying quality writing paper and sitting down to actually write the application letter. By the way, you also need a pen and you need to print copies of your CV, school certificates, IDs and college transcripts etc. Remember that Post Office rates are based on the weight of your letter, so you just hope your letter is on the lower end of the scale. So you made mistakes while jotting down your letter? You will need new paper to start from scratch, and this time make sure that you don’t make any mistakes because paper is expensive. After two or three crumpled papers in the trashcan, you finally did it right. This is just an illustration of the inconvenience of making a postal application.

A modern job seeker lives in the internet age. Most companies are going online because that’s where the majority is. Think about Facebook, almost every young adult you know who owns a mobile phone is on Facebook.They are accessing Facebook via an application or through a mobile browser on their phone. On a mobile browser, there is Google Search which allows you to search anything even jobs. You can search jobs in South Africa or any place e.g. Cape Town.

Compare the costs of making a postal application with the cost of sending an online application. You will realize that online applications are more convenient if you are a time-conscious individual.

While a computer is better than a mobile phone in doing a lot of online tasks, a mobile phone can allow you to have your CV and attachments at your fingertips. You can do this by opening a Gmail account and uploading your documents on Google Drive or simply store it as a draft in your inbox. Whenever a vacancy comes up, edit your draft, address it to the appropriate company and send the email via your phone.