Nursery Manager

  • Date Listed 26/12/2015
  • Advertised By Private
  • Job Type Full-Time
  • Employment Equity Non EE/AA


• Manage all production and assist with sales aspects of South Branch Nurseries.

• Ensure all orders are processed: jobs are processed accurately, materials are maintained adequately, and it is organized and kept clean.

• Refine and expand container operation while improving quality of plant material.

• Establish and maintain a good working relationship with South Branch clients, your manager and those who report to you.

• Keep Manager informed of progress and problems on the job.

• Ensure quality of work being performed according to South Branch standards.

• Follow through with accurate paperwork as required by you and your facility.

• Maintain a positive image for South Branch in the industry.


Organize all lining out operations.

• Select fields to clear and prepare for new liners.

• Determine which liners to plant in fields depending on physical conditions (Proximity to roads, wet areas, and alkaline areas.)

• Apply herbicide as liner installation is completed.

Organize harvesting operations.

• Tag orders

• Create dig list indicating field location and ball size to dig.

• Supervise crews as to proper digging techniques and plant preparation.

• Prioritize harvesting schedule according to efficiency and customer demand

• Contact manager or customer when order is ready for shipment.

• Develop speculative dig list in conjunction with supervisor to clear fields for future planting and to add inventory for summer sales.

Oversee nursery maintenance

• Pruning-Staking-Flexing-Transplanting as necessary-Tree wrapping

• Develop spray and fertilizing program in conjunction with manager

• Spray program for insect control based on IPM (Integrated pest management) standards.

• Herbicide program based on common infestations

• Select chemicals based on safety, effectiveness, target pest, and cost

• Fertilizer program for new and existing plantings

Nursery sales

• Assist when ever possible with South Branch sales

• Promote Goodmark sales through South Branch Nursery.

• Identify potential new customers

Supervise field staff

• Hiring of new employees-Disciplinary action-Termination as necessary

• Annual reviews of all South Branch staff

Supervise all clerical duties

• Maintain employee time sheets and fuel log

• Work with Goodmark Office Manager to keep all records

Supervise Purchasing

• Purchase all basic supplies for nursery including, burlap, twine, baskets, etc.

• Due cost comparison for container vs. fabric bags

• Continue improvement of holding area

• Manage irrigation for entire nursery

• Ensure that all equipment is properly utilized and cleaned. Coordinate equipment repair with the Goodmark shop manager-Basic repair and maintenance to be performed on site

• Maintain facility

o Normal upkeep and maintenance of physical structures

o Making sure site is presentable at all times (Garbage p/u, items stored in orderly manner)

o Turf around facility cut at regular intervals

• Enforce all South Branch policies and procedures, and recommend discipline as necessary.