Restaurant Manager – Hermanus

  • Date Listed 26/11/2014
  • Location

    Hermanus & Caledon, Overberg

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  • Must have the relevant experience
  • Must have contactable references
  • Must be able to work and function in a busy kitchen

Work Activities

  • Estimate food consumption, place orders with suppliers, and schedule delivery of fresh food and beverages.

  • Resolve customer complaints about food quality or service.

  • Direct cleaning of kitchen and dining areas to maintain sanitation standards, and keep appropriate records.

  • Monitor actions of staff and customers to ensure that health and safety standards and liquor regulations are obeyed.

  • May use computer software to monitor inventory, track staff schedules and pay, and perform other record keeping tasks.

  • Check quality of deliveries of fresh food and baked goods.

  • Meet with sales representatives to order supplies such as tableware, cooking utensils, and cleaning items.

  • Arrange for maintenance and repair of equipment and other services.

  • Total receipts and balance against sales, deposit receipts, and lock facility at end of day.

  • Select or create successful menu items based on many considerations, and assign prices based on cost analysis.

  • Schedule work hours for servers and kitchen staff.

  • Monitor food preparation and methods.

General Activities

  • Identify and estimate quantities of foods, beverages, and supplies to be ordered.

  • Maintain relationships with customers and staff.

  • Update and use job-related knowledge.

  • Schedule staff work hours and activities.

  • Evaluate health and safety practices against standards.

  • Organize, plan, and prioritize.

  • Make decisions and solve problems concerning menus and staff.

  • Judge the quality of food, preparation, and job applicants.

  • Process and analyze information when scheduling and budgeting..

  • Record information about inventory and health practices.

  • Handle food, utensils, and bookkeeping materials.

  • Monitor food preparation and cleaning methods.

  • Implement ideas or products.

  • Get information from customers, employees, and inventory records.

  • Inspect equipment and food deliveries.

  • Guide, direct, and train staff.

  • Coordinate the work and activities of staff

  • Communicate with customers, sales reps, and suppliers.

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