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Standard Bank Vacancies – South Africa

Standard Bank Vacancies – South Africa

Standard Bank is one of the oldest and biggest banks in South Africa. Formed in 1862, the bank has over 150 years of experience in the financial service industry. It does not only serve the South African market but its footprint is found all over Africa where it operates in several countries as Stanbic Bank. The bank has investments and partnership deals in Europe in countries such as UK, Russia and Turkey. The future looks bright for this international bank and in the coming decades, the drive to expand will only see the bank making inroads in more countries around the world.

As of 2015, Standard Bank employs over 69,000 people in South Africa and it generated a net income of over 1.6 billion USD in 2015.Just like many other banks, you will find several departments where there are opportunities for employment and advancing your career. If you wish to join the Standard Bank group of companies, then you should spruce up your resume to increase your chances of being hired.

The company is worth 165 Billion USD in assets.

The following are areas where you can get a job position depending on your qualifications:

  • Forex
  • Lending
  • Business Banking
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance
  • Personal Banking
  • Business Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • Investment
  • Wealth Management
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Quality Assurance
  • Customer Service

When you have the required minimum academic qualifications such as Grade 10 and in some cases Grade 12, which is equivalent to O’Level and A ‘Level respectively, you can apply for Bank Teller Trainee opportunities which are often advertised annually depending on the needs of the bank. The Bank Teller position is good for young people with no experience and these are school leavers and college graduates who need to get their first experience on the job.



Besides the Bank Teller Training program, there are several graduate opportunities in many departments such as IT, Insurance and Banking. You have to visit the company’s website on a regular basis to check out available vacancies.

Graduate Opportunities >>


If you have experience and you wish to join Standard Bank as a professional in relevant fields such as Administration,Sales,Marketing,Insurance,Investment,IT and Banking, then you will find an appropriate position on this link >>

Tips for Job Seekers:

When you are looking for a job at any company, there are things that you must prepare in order to increase your chances of securing a job.

Prepare Your CV – Your CV is your highway to employment and therefore you must present it in a manner that will impress the employer. Whether you are a professional or non-skilled person, you should prepare your CV in a professional manner. Make sure that details are presented in appropriate order and include your personal details, schools attended, academic qualifications, work experience, roles that you played as well as your skills and competencies. At the end of the CV, you can list the names and contact details of three referees who can provide a testimonial.

Designing and Printing Your CV – A Curriculum Vitae that is well designed shows that you are a person who pays attention to detail. You should never send a copy that is not clear, for example a faded copy that has been used many times.

Cover Letter – A cover letter provides a brief introduction about yourself and this is an opportunity to explain why you are the best candidate for the job, and why you want you want to work at the company. On the cover letter, you are selling yourself to the employer so you should state some special projects which you excelled in when you were working for your previous employers. It’s all about your special qualities. When addressing the letter, try to state the name of the Manager or CEO instead of writing a generic letter addressed to “The Manager”. People like to be called by their names and this will show that you have an interest in the company.