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Vodacom Vacancies – South Africa

Vodacom Vacancies – South Africa

Vodacom is a large mobile network that provides coverage to South Africans. The company is headquartered in Johannesburg and it is originally a British company that used to operate as Vodafone before acquiring the biggest share in 2008. This dominance allowed the company to make major decisions such as rebranding to Vodacom. It is the second largest mobile network after MTN and its operations go beyond the borders, where it owns major shares in five African countries to date.

Vodacom provides mobile data, internet, texting and calling services to an estimated 23 million users in South Africa. Officially established in 1994, the company racked up approximately 850 million USD in net income at the end of the 2015 financial year. About 7,800 people are currently employed by the company around the country.

The company is worth 4.3 Billion USD in assets.

As a telecommunication network, you can expect to find a lot of careers in the following areas:

  • IT
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Network Engineering and Hardware
  • Software Engineering and Programming
  • Administration
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Care
  • Technical Support
  • Corporate Management
  • Call Centre / Help Desk

If you are suitably qualified with minimum educational certificates and experience, as well as Degrees or Diplomas, you can head over to Vodacom’s website to browse their career page:

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Tips for Job Seekers:

When you are looking for employment, you should be pro-active. Most of the times, people are not aware of what it requires to gain the favour of an employer. Employers look for professionalism, qualifications, experience, skills and good track record when they are interviewing a candidate. But nobody will know about your skills when you don’t make the effort to find a job or reach out to organizations.

Applying for a Job – These days, people are using the internet to find jobs through social media, job sites and recruitment agencies. When an employer posts a job on the internet, you should read the post to find out what’s required. If you are required to send your CV via email, you should do that. Don’t post your contact details or CV in the comments section. Remember, the employer has no time to read comments on the internet. If you leave your contact details on Facebook comments, nobody will call you back. People can only be replied through proper channels that are offered by the company.

Keep Applying – Just because you applied to a specific company that you like so much, doesn’t mean that you should rest the whole year waiting for an outcome. You should keep looking for opportunities elsewhere. Look for vacancies in the newspaper and search job sites. Sometimes, you will need to submit your CV personally at the office, especially if it’s a company that doesn’t advertise its vacancies. Such companies provide little competition for job seekers because no-one knows about the opportunities in that company. If you happen to give them your CV, they might call you and possibly create a vacancy for you.

Update Your CV – Your CV should be updated to highlight skills that are relevant to the job that you are applying for. It does not help to include things that are not relevant to your job. You can talk about your work experience in other areas when you don’t have enough experience in that field. For example, when you are a fresh university graduate, you can include skills that you acquired during your internship or placement year. The goal is to show the employer that you have not been sitting idle all this time. If there is a gap in your employment record, try to think of a positive contribution that kept you occupied during that time e.g. community service or working as a private tutor.