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About City of Cape Town Vacancies

City of Cape Town Vacancies is a Job Site that publishes the latest jobs offered in Cape Town and the Western Cape Province by companies, organizations, local authorities and the government. A lot of people are looking for job and career opportunities in Cape Town because it is a beautiful place to stay.

Capetonians,South Africans and anybody in the world who wants to work in Cape Town will find this site useful because it brings the most wanted job opportunities right on your desktop or mobile phone, without the need for scouring the internet or searching newspapers.

Jobs are published instantly as soon as they are available. The details for application, job requirements and location are revealed to the reader without the need for registration, logging in or paying a fee as some job sites require. Although there are several organizations and government departments which offer employment opportunities, the opportunities will remain unknown and undiscovered because of limited publicity or lack thereof. Because most of these organizations do not have enough funds to launch a wide advertising campaign that covers several platforms, the jobs are usually advertised via a few channels where most people are unlikely to find them, and as a result the job positions remain vacant for a long time, forcing the organizations to re-advertise the jobs when they are expired.

The solution to this problem is to bring the jobs to the people if the jobs can’t find people. Channels like Facebook and other social networks are very much under-estimated when it comes to their potential for generating interest in jobs and careers. One of our goals is to make use of Facebook to provide career opportunities. Job hunting must be exciting and a job status update can change the life of an individual who never thought of getting any value from Facebook.

Jobs from different types of organizations are available on City of Cape Town Vacancies site, i.e. Western Cape Government, Municipality, Private Companies and Associations, Public Companies and SMEs.

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