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How To Find a Job at University of Cape Town


The University of Cape Town is a world class university that attracts students and employees from around the world. This institution is regarded as the best university in Africa and it employs about 4500 people on its 6 campuses in Cape Town.


A view of the Upper Campus of the University o...

A view of the Upper Campus of the University of Cape Town, seen from the other side of the rugby fields. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recruitment Process


UCT recruits qualified people by advertising vacancies on their website. They also advertise in the local South African press, but they may tell you to visit their website to get full job descriptions and contact details.


UCT accepts job applications through email.First, you must view their current vacancies on >>> External Vacancies, select a job vacancy that you want to apply for, and view the advert. Available vacancies are uploaded as PDF or DOC files, so you must download the adverts to your computer or view them on your browser. Read through the advert and send your application to the applicable email that is contained in the document. Include the Job Title and Reference Number in the subject line of your email e.g. “Research Medical Officer – Ref: I-3073”.


Requirements for Application:


Before you send your application, you must download the UCT Application Form and fill it. If you are applying for an executive post, download the HR204 Form.Otherwise, download the HR201 Form if you are applying for other vacancies.Anyway, the appropriate form that should be filled by the job applicant will be included in the advert.


You will be required to send the following documents through email:


  • UCT Application Form
  • Detailed CV (at least 3 traceable references are required)
  • Cover Letter
  • Certified copies of college/university transcripts

You might also be required to send other things such as Motivation Letter, Research Plans and Writing Samples depending on the advert and the job that you are applying for.


You can send your job application by post if they tell you to. The Postal Address and Telephone Number are given in the advert in case you want to make an enquiry.


Internal Vacancies:


People who are already employed by the University can apply for job openings by logging into >>> Internal Vacancies .You will need a staff number and password that is given to you by the administration.


University of Cape Town - Statue of Rhodes

University of Cape Town – Statue of Rhodes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Employment Opportunities / Vacancies


The University of Cape Town has permanent and temporary vacancies for academic and administrative staff, they also have positions for executive staff, support staff, general staff and maintenance staff. For an institution that employs over 4500 people, it is estimated that over 40% of the employed staff are academic staff (lecturers, professors and research fellows).Administrative and support staff make up the largest percentage.


Job openings from different faculties are advertised regularly on their website, UCT has 7 faculties with a combined total of over 60 departments and schools of specialization. All Faculty vacancies can be viewed on >>> UCT Vacancies


To see a list of all Faculties and Departments at Cape Town University, go to UCT Faculties




Jameson Hall, Jammie Steps and Jammie Plaza at...

Jameson Hall, Jammie Steps and Jammie Plaza at the University of Cape Town. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Graduate Opportunities / Trainee Vacancies


In case you don’t have working experience, the university has a lot of undergraduate positions for Academic and Administrative staff. Here are some of the vacancies for graduates with little or no experience:


  • Junior Lecturer
  • Junior Research Fellow
  • Undergraduate Administrator
  • Assistant Research Officer
  • Assistant Scientific Officer
  • Contract/Part-time Tutor
  • Contract/Part-time Teacher
  • Contract/Part-time Lecturer
  • Contract/Part-time Teaching Assistant

You can find any of these vacancies in the recruitment section of the UCT website.

Jameson Hall and Jammie Steps at the Universit...

Jameson Hall and Jammie Steps at the University of Cape Town. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



UCT has an attractive salary package that includes benefits for its employees. There are salary scales for two groups of employees – the academic staff (Lecturers, Professors, Research Fellows) and administrative/support staff (Research Officers, Faculty Managers, Coordinators, Administrators etc.).


Academic staff can earn anywhere from R436,192.00 a year as a Junior Lecturer to R887,399.00 a year as a Professor. The salary is usually increased by about 6% each year depending on the cost of living adjustment.


The payscale for administrative and support personnel has 12 levels, ranging from class 1 to class 12.The minimum pay is R93,448.00 per annum for class 1 employees, the pay increases successively up the ladder ,with class 12 employees earning the highest income at R578,934.00 per annum. A 15% performance bonus is given for employees in class 6 and above.


The above salary scales are for permanent staff only. Academic staff can opt to work at UCT on a part-time or contract basis as a tutor, guest teacher, lecturer, demonstrator or teaching assistant. Depending on your academic level, field and teaching hours, you can earn anywhere from R69.00 per hour to $215.00 per hour.


Lectures in Architecture and Music earn the highest rate at $215 per hour. Visit the following links to see updated salary scales for University of Cape Town employees >>>


Payscale for Administrative & Support Staff


Payscale for Academic Staff


Payscale for Part Time / Contract Employees



Leo Marquard Hall and Tugwell Hall, two of the...

Leo Marquard Hall and Tugwell Hall, two of the largest residences at the University of Cape Town. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Contact Details – Faculties


To contact the faculties by telephone, fax or email, go to >>> Faculties


The following is a full list of specialized faculties at the university of Cape Town >>> UCT Faculties


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